What actually is a bad food?


 How do I know am eating the bad food? If it bad, then why is it called food at all? This and much more are the questions that people tend to ask when they hear that they are eating the bad food. But yes, some food is not just good and people are eating that food and eating it even on a daily base.
Bad foods are those foods that may be described as junk and they either do not have any good nutrient for the body or they have them in excess. This food is always around us and is very easy to grab (and really tempting too) but in the actual sense, they are more dangerous than they are nutritious and stopping it totally is the best option for anyone. Some of this bad or junk foods are foods which are high in calories from fat or sugar and provides fewer vitamins, fiber or mineral. And can also be high protein food with saturated fats; foods like pizza are considered as junk also and they are not overly good for the body.
The ugly effect of bad foods are not little and they include:
– Illnesses and diseases: diabetes and cardiovascular issues are said to be associated with what people eat and obviously, it is associated with the bad food people eat; for example, the excess consumption of carbohydrate and sugar has a direct association which diabetes while saturated fat, on the other hand, can cause some cardiovascular issues.

– Increased weight: if you are really working on losing some weight then these bad foods are your greatest enemy because they just help you achieve the opposite. Consuming this “bad foods” makes you gain more weight and grow fatter.

– Learning and memory problems: this “bad food” has the ability to suppress some of the activities of the brain and thereby making learning slow (according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011).

– Depression: addiction to “bad foods” can lead to depression especially when it is not readily available like before or you wish to stop; studies have it that one can suffer withdrawal symptoms from “bad foods” and this can lead to depression.

Taking a reflection on the danger of the bad food which we constantly consume, one will see that he has actually caused himself more damage than feeding well. We also tend to find out that a reduction in this food consumption with really improves our health and our life generally. So one will be doing himself a great good if he turns to healthy and better foods. A nutritionist will always advise that eating healthy and nutritious food is the best for a healthy living.


“We are what we eat”



When we hear of food, what comes to our mind always is what we eat. Actually, that is what food is all about but in our bid to eat food we tend to forget some important factors of food. What if I tell you can some food we eat ends up to become poisons? Yes, it is true because some of them are actually poisons. Have you ever wondered why cancer is on the rise? Have you ever wondered why diabetes has proven stubborn to cob? Majority of all the disease we have today come because of the things we eat; that is to say,” if we don’t properly care of what we eat, what we eat might end up eating us”.
Food may be defined as any substance that can be consumed by living organisms intended to quench hunger, supply energy, provide nourishment and sustain life. In other words, if what you eat do not provide all these features then you are not eating right. It might be right to say that the packaged (can foods) we eat has contributed massively to the continues development and spread of the diseases we wish to fight because of the preservatives and other chemicals used in packaging the food. These chemicals may not be harmful to the body system immediately but subsequently, due to accumulation, its harm to the body will be obvious. Really there is no thought that this packaged food has eased our stress in so many ways – as you can easily pick up a pack of noodles and make yourself a food but what about it harm? Most of the food we eat are wholly less nutritious and highly endangers our health.
Now one may begin to ask “what do I eat as food and it will be nutritious”? Michael Pollan answered it in his book “in defense of food” which he calls the eater’s manifesto. He said, “Eat food, little not much”. He emphasized the importance of eating less packaged foods and eating more of fresh foods gotten directly from the farm. He said in his book that it is better to eat what your grandmother will acknowledge as food. His emphasis goes more on the eating of vegetables and less of meat. This is to show that going back to nature is the best if one must eat a nutritious meal.
What makes a food nutritious? It is best to understand that a nutritious food has long passed the stage of being just a balanced diet to the stage of being drug itself. Nutrition has to do with the interaction of food nutrients and substance to the growth, health and disease control of an organism. Nutritious food is not just foods which contain the six classes of food in its combination but food which can provide nourishment to the organism and as well help in fighting diseases. Little wonder most illness is being managed through diet and also people who seek to lose some extra pound are advised to watch their food. We should understand that healthy food, is a healthy.


Reasons why we should eat healthy


The total well – being of every individual is his number one priority. The importance of health and healthy living to us cannot be overemphasized; it goes beyond the need to be healthy to the desire to stay healthy. The food we eat however provides us with the better chances of maintaining our good health and that is why much attention has to be paid to what we eat because to achieve a healthy living, foods that we eat must have to go beyond a delicious and a nutritious food to a healthy food.
Healthy foods are that food which doesn’t just provide the body with the nutrients it needs for each day but also helps it fight diseases and boost immunity – they can also be seen as health foods. Health foods can be natural food and can be naturally sourced, it can be vegetarian food or even dietary supplements and are mainly found in the health food store. However, health and healthy foods are everywhere around us all we need is to know them in order to make us that we are eating right and healthy. Some of the healthy foods includes: fruits: fruits like apple, avocado, oranges and more are incredibly wonderful as they do not only help in whitening your teeth, making your teeth gums stronger and giving you a fresher breath but they also provide the body with the necessary vitamins needed to protect the body from disease and help it recover from some vitamin deficiency diseases.

Vegetable: the body will hardly stay healthy without the essential benefits of vegetables like the provision of potassium and vitamins with helps the fight diseases; again, because of the easy digestion of vegetables, it gives less work to the digestive system and improves the health of both the liver and kidney.

Fish: fishes, on the other hand, are amazing as most fishes provide the body with omega 3 which helps so much in the development of the brain and mental alertness. Healthy foods are numerous to be exhausted.

“Some of the benefits of healthy food include”
– Keeping good weight: most people are worried so much about how they can lose some extra pound and weight. The great news is that with healthy feeding, you can cut down your weight and maintain the weight.

– Fight and manage diseases: healthy food helps you to fight and manage diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. This diseases can not only be treated or managed by healthy foods but can also be prevented if you start the practice earlier.

– It enhances mood: healthy foods helps in mood enhancement because when you eat healthy foods, you are more relaxed and relaxation is already a therapy which helps combat depression and helps in mental improvement.

– Body beauty: healthy foods can help improves your skin and make you look younger. It will be worth mentioning that foods which contain potassium help to handle wrinkles and foods (especially vegetables) which contains a look of water help to keep your body “ageless”.

With all these benefits, it is highly important for one to always eat healthy food in order to stay healthy.


Some examples of healthy food

Healthy food

Fruits are one of the most important parts of a balanced diet, and it should be your number 1 priority when you want to reduce belly fat. However, no food can make you lose weight only from your belly, instead of all over your body. But, some fruits have many nutritional benefits which help with fat loss.


Berries offer a lot of nutrients that will help you lose weight, they are very rich in dietary fiber, a special type of carbohydrates. Fibre helps you fill up after a meal, therefore making you feel satisfied without boosting your calorie intake. By simply having a diet rich in fiber is enough to lose significant weight. So, if you want to lose weight, berries should be your number one choice!



You can call apples your weight-loss-friendly fruit. Researchers have shown that apples are linked to a lower risk of obesity! Apples also come in high dietary fiber and even more fiber if you leave the skin on! A large apple skin has twice the fiber than the amount of fiber a skinned apple has. Being so easy to carry apples, you can always have one in your bag! That way, you’ll always have a healthy snack.

Oranges and Citrus

Citrus fruits are incredibly high in vitamin C. Most fruits have vitamin C but citrus fruits have rich sources. Enough vitamin C can trigger fat loss as it plays a role in fat burning when you work out. One large orange has 165% of the vitamin C value you need per day. Even smaller citrus fruits have a significant amount of vitamin C.


Protein intaking is a perfect long-term strategy in order to lose belly fat. If you want to lose weight, adding protein to your diet is one effective way to lose fat. Moreover, not only it will help you lose fat but if you ever decide to abandon your weight loss efforts, it can help you regain your weight! There have also been researches which show that protein is particularly effective against belly fat.

The labels portray the food nutrition realities and other essential data about the foods that your kids eat. From calories, fiber, and fat grams, to the aggregate of all other foods allergies. Knowing how to read the food labels will help you to give the health supplements that your family should eat, for example, calcium and fiber, and in the meantime think about the unhealthy foods, similar to fat, saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

Those are the primary food nutrition facts. Eating healthy and getting exercise is a matter of survival. A lot of one and insufficient of the other is not good. Astonishing things happen when you get great nutrition.

In conclusion, if you want to reduce your belly fat, these are the foods you should add to your diet. They have high nutritional benefits that can make your body very healthy! By having one of each a day, you can easily get all the nutrition you need for the whole day!