Some Important Banana Benefits


“Banana – American’s favourite fresh fruit”. The U.S department of agriculture has considered banana the American’s favourite fruit this is because according to their statistic each person in America eats 11.4 lbs a year making America one of the world largest consumer of banana. Research has shown that daily intake of banana can provide the body with most of the nutrients it needs for the day’s active like vitamin B6 and vitamin C, potassium, manganese and so on. Really, not just America but nearly all the countries of the world has come to understand the great fruit banana is and has always taped into its nutrients for healthy living.

Bananas are actually packed with many nutrients and can help maintain healthy living. Some of it (banana) health benefits includes:

  1. Heart care: bananas has the ability to lower the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems this is because it contains potassium which helps in relaxing the tension in arteries and veins and allowing the smooth flow of blood in the body. Also, the fibre contained in banana helps in flush out excess cholesterol from the blood vessels and arteries.
  2. Management and treatment of stomach ulcer: eating banana can suppress excess acid secretion and stimulate the stomach lining cells activity in order to protect the stomach against ulcer. Protease inhibitors are also found in bananas and they help fight the harmful bacteria which may be active in the development of stomach ulcer.
  3. Digestion aid: banana contains a significate amount of fibre which the body needs to enhance digestion and also enhances the smooth bowl movement. By aiding in digestion, banana takes care of constipation and you fill energetic.
  4. Improved vision: banana contains some carotenoids and a mix of other nutrients which has been said to have the ability to reduce risk of eye problem and manage some eye problems like cataracts, night blindness and glaucoma.
  5. Management of insomnia: if you have been finding it not really easy for you to sleep, then know that banana can be of a great help to you as it contains tryptophan which is known in banana to induce sleep. The tryptophan also is very essential in mood elevation and this makes banana to be able to manage depression.

Aside being beneficial to human healthy, bananas are fun to eat because of their sweet creamy nature. They also smell nicely and can add to the beauty of your eating table when placed on it. Bananas are very easy to cultivate and quit a fun watching them grow as they grow rapidly. However, eating excess of banana is not advisable as it can like headache as a result of the intake of excess amino acid. So like every other food, eat moderately.

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