Chia Seeds Benefits


Chia seeds are tiny seeds from the Salvia Hispanica plant and very essential to a healthy living. Chia seed has Mexican origin and it has been said to be used by the Aztec warriors as a source of energy because it contains properties that helps it provide great energy and endurance and actually, “chia” means “strength” in the Mayan language. In the health community, chia seed has been considered as one of the world healthy food as it contains a lot of great nutrients which is essential to the body like omega-3 and omega-6, protein, fibre, calories and calcium among others.

It is only of recent that the actual health benefits of chia seed is been recognized and documented. In the 80’s it was just known for its energy giving and endurance supply but here are some other health benefits of chia seed:

  1. Energizer: chia seeds is a great energizer. It contains a great amount of healthy nutrients which provides the body all the energy it needs. In fact, the Aztec’s had said that one spoon of chia seed can provide them with all the energy they need for a whole day. Chia food being a great source of energy can also help you cut down your weight if you are looking for that because you have to eat only little and you gain all the energy you need for the day.
  2. Heart health: chia seeds contains great amount of omega-3 which is essential for heart health as it helps to lower cholesterol and maintain effective artery function. The high content of omega-3 in chia food helps in minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Prevention and management of diabetes: chia seeds are very high in fibre which aids digestion. High fibre foods has been associated with low risk of type 2 diabetes; this is because the fibre in chia seeds helps in the instant digestion of food that the body do not need to do all the work alone.
  4. Improve and maintaining healthy bone: chia seeds are high in many important bone nutrients like calcium, magnesium, protein and phosphorus. This nutrients are what the bone needs to remain healthy and for bones with one problem or the other like arthritis and others, chia seed will provide the needed nutrient or nutrients the bone needs to improve its health.
  5. Powerful antioxidant: antioxidants helps to fight the free radicals that causes disease to the body. Chia seed is loaded with powerful antioxidants with the body needs. By providing this antioxidants, it provides a low risk of cancer and ageing to the body.

Chia seeds also has also been proven to be very good for athletes as it keeps them hydrated and provides endurance during their exercise and training sessions. Chia seeds are not just seeds, they are food and contains much nutrient for the body and having them in your home is a smart choice.

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