Having fruits and vegetables around your home will help keep you and everyone around you healthy. Most times people concern themselves mainly with the health benefits of fruits and vegetables (what disease it can prevent and help manage) caring less about the fruit or vegetable’s other benefits (to the skin and our environment) and depending on other artificial products for their other needs.
Cucumber is one of those wonderful vegetables that are incredibly beneficial to human. It is considered a wonderful vegetable because it is very easy to grow and do not require much care to grow and flourish. It is believed that cucumber has its origin in India and is one of the oldest vegetables ever cultivated. Cucumber can be cultivated anywhere around the world – in various size and shapes and it makes not only a healthy meal be a beautiful one too. Cucumber is packed with rich vitamins and minerals for the body and also provides both health and general care benefits. Some of its health benefits include:

– Weight loss: one of the significate health benefits of cucumber is its ability to help lose extra weight. A lot of people has struggled so much to lose some extra weight through dieting, well if you are one of those, am happy to introduce you to cucumber. Cucumber has the appropriate fiber to aid digestion and has enough water to keep the body hydrated all day long which make it easy for one to even feed on the only cucumber for a day without feeling it.

– Helps to prevent cancer: the presence of lignans in cucumber makes it able to lower the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, and uterine cancer. Also, cucumber helps in detoxification which improves the body immunity.

– Improves bone strength: cucumber contains vitamin K and silica which helps in promoting orthotropic activity and keeping the joints healthy. This why cucumber is great for bone strength.

– Aids digestion: cucumber’s seed and high water content help it provide effective bowel movement which the body needs in order to prevent constipation.

Away from cucumber’s health benefits we go to its general care benefits – and they include:

– Revitalizing the skin: have you ever wondered why cucumbers are always available in spa sessions? That is because they are great skin revitalizer. Some slice of cucumber applied on the layer of the skin miraculously helps in revitalizing the skin.

– Removal of wrinkles: have you heard that cucumbers are great moisturizers? Yes, that is true. Cucumber is naturally endowed with water and apply on your skin, particularly on the eye region – helps take care of the eye wrinkle.

– Hair care: cucumber contains silicon, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium which we need for healthy hair. This nutrient aids it to prevent the hair from fall and provides us with a shiny healthy hair.

– Stain removal: you might want to try this out immediately. Cucumber has been proven to effectively remove the stain and tarnish from a stainless material. Slices of cucumber robed on your sink can help remove those tough stains. Also, cucumber can help take care of the fog on your bathroom mirror. Yes, that is worth trying.

With all these benefits, you can now see that cucumber has gone beyond being just a vegetable and an edible food to being an all-around help to everyone. It will be wonderful to always have it in your home.

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