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Avocado is Considered as one of the World’s Most Healthy Fruits


We have all understood the importance of fruits and how necessary it is to add them to our daily meal. But we have to understand that though fruits are very important yet not all fruits do not have the same nutrient and they do not provide the same level of value. Really, some fruits contain more nutrient than the other but that does not make them less important to us because the nutrient one fruit may contain in the lower proportion, the other might have it in a very high proportion. This boils down to the fact that the nutrient which your desire more will to a large extent determine the fruit you take often and in the quantity you take them. However, some fruits are very essential to the body no matter what your needs might be and AVOCADO is one of those fruits.

Avocado is considered as one of the world’s most healthy fruits. It is famously rich and unique with healthy fat and contains a lot of other nutrients like vitamins (C, B6, B6, A, D, and K), potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium and more. Because of avocado’s healthy fat, some families will prefer to have it in place of some other fatty food like butter or margarine. Avocado might not only be seen as a fruit but also as a fruit as it is packed with so many health benefits like:

1. Enhancing the health of the heart: avocado contains healthy fat which is not actually harmful to the heart, in fact, research has it that the intake of avocado can enhance antiatherogenic properties which help to prevent the heart from arteriosclerotic vascular disease. Also avocado can help fight hypertension and stroke because of it contain potassium.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer: research has shown that avocado has some anti-cancer properties which help to manage and also lower the risk of cancers like prostate and breast cancers. The presence of glutathione which is an antioxidant in avocado helps protect the body cells from cancer and other free radicals.

3. Skin care: overall health includes the care of the skin and as seasons pass, our skin experiences many forms of reaction like sunburn, skin inflammation and so on. Avocado is rich in many vitamins and mineral which the skin needs to fight this problem. For example, it contains carotenoids which help take care of the skin inflammation and the avocado oil which also help take care of sunburn.

4. Digestion: avocado has been shown to aid digestion as it contains a good proportion of fiber both soluble and insoluble; this helps in the smooth digestion of food and makes sure that food nutrients are effectively absorbed. Avocado’s presence in your daily meal reduces the risk of constipation and helps you bowl movement.

Surely, the health benefits of avocado cannot be exhausted but it is capital that we see its importance and incorporate it into our daily for a healthy and happier living. No one is happy when he is sick and this fruit takes care of some commonly found illnesses even the ones that ate termed “live threating”.

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